Birthday wishes

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 You are my angel,
my strength and my support.
And you are also the gift that God has blessed me with.
I promise to love you forever and ever.
I wish you a very sweet and happy Birthday.
May all your dreams and prayers come true.
Your love and care,
has built my world.
Without you,
I am not me.
May you get all you want,
and even more.
Happy Birthday to my love.
Enjoy your day.
All I want for you is to be happy
I hope that you fulfil all your heart desire.
Stay healthy and handsome
Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend!
You showed me what love is
By loving me so dearly
Thanks for the support, care and affection you have showered me all these years that we have been together.
I will always be grateful for that. I love you and happy Birthday!
Having a friend, partner and a boyfriend rolled into one!
How lucky can I get?
Happy Birthday,
If I will be given a chance to wish for you,
I’ll wish you to have a fulfilling and happy life
Be with those people dear to you
And have all of your dreams come true
Happy Birthday, Dear!
I may not be with you on your birthday
But I’d like you to know that you will always be remembered
From the bottom of my heart, I Love you
Happy Birthday!

You are my soul
You are my goal
Happy birthday to you
Everybody may romance
But I am lucky to have you
as my girlfriend
Happy birthday my dear

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When I am near to you
The time is going faster
The wind become smoother
World become colourful
Because you are smooth
colourful and dynamic
Darling I love you
Happy birthday
You are my life
You are my breath
You are my inspiration
Happy birthday to you
Birthday will come and go
But your birthday amuse me
Because you are so romantic
Happy birthday to you
When I am wishing you Happy birthday
My soul is rejoicing because you are mine
Happy birthday to you

 You are my love of life
Happy birthday to you
My birthday gift you will get at night, in your bed, which only you can see and feel and others can only imagine! Happy Bday sweety!
Feeling the warmth of your body next to mine is the way I want to sleep the rest of my life. My real birthday celebration with you will begin at night, Happy Birthday My Love!
Loving you every day and every night is the only thing I wish for. Get prepared for a couple of sleepless nights with me as your birthday gift! Happy Birthday Darling!

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To my little pussy-cat, all the milk in the bowl won't suffice to tell you how much I want to purr you. Happy Bday sweety!
Wild and hot. This will be your birthday, darling. Happy Birthday!
Let’s get nasty tonight, shall we? Happy Birthday, sweetheart.


For young people, children or very close friends you can choose funny birthday greetings, in case of more serious, mature anniversary occasions you should choose more serious and meaningful greetings. Depending on the occasion it may be enough to choose a short greeting text with a sincere wish for a specific person, and sometimes longer and rhymed greeting is more suitable. Greeting text addressed to your beloved person can be sexual, with erotic hints. In case of children birthdays you can choose short funny poems.

Grown up children on their mothers' birthdays usually express their gratitude for bringing them up and care, wish to finally find time to relax and have some time for themselves. Usually, the closer the person to whom you dedicate the wishes, more personal the greetings will be. Anniversary greeting texts often indicate the person's age, highlight their achievements. Usually greeting texts are positive, indicate person's achievements, future prospects. Sometimes, however, greeting texts can be pitiful, expressing sadness because of the years that passed, including the reference to the meaning of life.

Greeting texts are also often adapted according to the season - winter, spring, summer or fall - when the person celebrates his birthday. Another important birthday tradition - toasts, or the speech said during the birthday party, which often tells the meaningful story and includes wishes for the person who celebrates a birthday.

Birthday is a very personal holiday, celebrating the beginning of human life. It is a well-known birthday tradition to blow the candles lit on the cake, which symbolize the number of years lived. Everyone enjoys sharing memories and experiences that they had lived until the birthday celebration.

Usually, birthdays are celebrated amongst friends, having a big party. Birthday party participants give the person celebrating birthday gifts, wish him happiness, propose the toasts. It's great if person receives sincere and personal birthday wishes.

It is believed for a reason that sincere and personal birthday wishes come true. Thus, the wishes addressed to a colleague will most probably not be the best for mother's, father's or grandmother's birthday, while wishing happy birthday to a friend or a child you will choose totally different greetings that the ones you would choose for beloved person.

In this high technology age we often wish a happy birthday to our friends and relatives by simply sending an SMS, e-mail or even on social network. Previously sent by mail paper cards are more often being changed by cards sent by e-mails. The choice of a birthday card or greetings depends on the person who is celebrating birthday, his age, hobbies or dreams.